I’m writing this blog in a hotel room in Boston. I flew out here on a red eye flight for my first MarketingProfs B2B Forum. I’m stoked about this conference. I’m also stoked about this blog – even though it’s not perfect right now. See, the thing about being a writer is that I need to just write. The problem is that when you’re trying to create a home for your words on the web, you get in your own way.

The blog has to be perfect.

I have to have everything ready.

Is the design too boring?

Do I need to come up with a better tagline?

Shouldn’t I have a backlog of content?

I should practice what I preach to my clients – but the thing is, this blog will never be perfect. It’s my home, and just like I have with my personal blog, I’ll tinker with it as time goes on. All that tinkering, however, gets in the way of writing.

I’ve been writing about small businesses, marketing, and freelance life for other websites and clients for years. Last year (yes, last year) I decided that it was time to write for myself. Whether I intended to or not, my path as an Amplifier has led me to become an experienced small business advocate. My advice and experience is by no means perfect. Yes, there are many, many more qualified experts writing about these topics.

The thing is…they’re not me. They can’t write from my perspective. They can’t articulate my thoughts, just like I can’t articulate theirs.

the reason we write

So, I’m going to write. This blog will be a combination of my experience as a freelancer (the good, the bad, and the awful), advice for small businesses, interviews, industry news, and conference updates.

This is me getting out of my own way. This is me telling impostor syndrome to buzz off. This is me, taking the first step.

I hope you’ll come along for the journey. You can also show some love to the Amplify Your Biz Facebook page, and as always, say hello to me on Twitter.


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