Let’s Embrace The “F” Word


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Am I the only one who gets inspiration fatigue? Every morning, I see a new blog or article pop-up in my feed about success.

  • 4.32 Things Every Successful Person Does Before Coffee
  • The Road to Success is Paved with Unicorns
  • Want to be successful? Well, you can’t.

OK, maybe that last one wasn’t so inspirational, but the thing is, that’s how I feel at times. It’s great to be inspired and motivated. I’ve met wonderful people who are successful in their own ways. Sometimes, it’s the obvious success and other times, their success is so unique, they just live it instead of talking about it.

But you know what we don’t hear about often?

The failures. (more…)

Welcome to Amplify. How can we serve you? (Plus some of my favorite resources)

welcome to amplify

So you’ve read my long blog post about my career path, and how I failed as a freelancer. You may be wondering why you should bother coming back to this blog, or subscribe to my email list.

“One can only read so many posts about your story, Berrak”, you might tell me.

And you would be correct.

That was my way of relaunching this blog. The site has been in the works forever and as all things go, life got in the way and I got in my own head. (more…)

Getting Out Of My Own Way


I’m writing this blog in a hotel room in Boston. I flew out here on a red eye flight for my first MarketingProfs B2B Forum. I’m stoked about this conference. I’m also stoked about this blog – even though it’s not perfect right now. See, the thing about being a writer is that I need to just write. The problem is that when you’re trying to create a home for your words on the web, you get in your own way.

The blog has to be perfect.

I have to have everything ready.

Is the design too boring?

Do I need to come up with a better tagline?

Shouldn’t I have a backlog of content? (more…)